About us

Institute of Space Rocket Engineering

All students who have been trained at the institute become not only fluent users in modern computer technologies and computer-aided design, but also become developers of software packages. During the preparation, students reinforce their knowledge gained in the classroom, on the bases of innovation units engaged in design, construction, calculation and production of real products. On the basis of the Mechanical Engineering Space Research Institute, students and staff, together with specialists from Space Rocket Centre “Progress” are developing small spacecrafts “Aist”, two of which are already exploring near-Earth space. The Space Research Department develops nanosatellites with minimum dimensions and weight.
The institute provides training of specialists who have skills in modern computer-aided design systems (COMPASS, NX, CATIA) and in reverse engineering (ANSYS, DEFORM, PAMSTAMP, PROCAST). Since the opening of training areas in “Nanoengineering” department, along with the traditional aerospace and engineering industries, the institute have been providing training for petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
The institute has already trained more than 5,000 highly qualified engineers, bachelors and masters, many of them received diplomas with honors. The engineering staff and top management of the Samara Metallurgical Plant – a part of the American company ALCOA, was formed by alumni of SSAU Industrial engineering faculty. International programs are implemented in cooperation with the leading scientific and educational United States and Germany centers of production.
As a part of exchange programs and double degree programs, students of the institute are trained in universities of Italy, Spain, Germany, France and China.